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New exhibition: No Stars at Daytime - Asaf Ben Zvi

Ground floor: Asaf Ben Zvi's Selection of Rubin paintings

16.11.18 - 20.2.19


Asaf Ben Zvi exhibits his recent oil paintings and drawings in the second floor gallery of the Rubin Museum. Ben Zvi's works are rich with color and filled with hidden meanings. There are verbal hints alluding to each work and it is up to the viewer to search out their meanings. These notes, which may be single words or even whole sentences, draw one into a realm of reflection or subjective reality. For the artist, the verbal element is as inseparable a part of the work as the canvas or paper. The words, which often become titles, serve as the beginning or continuation of the work.

On the entrance floor of the museum are paintings by Rubin selected by Asaf Ben-Zvi. His choice was from the perspective of one painter viewing the work of an earlier painter, a "founding father" of Israeli art. Ben Zvi chose paintings that are not "canonical," and therefore less well-known, those that are hesitant or incomplete. This is an opportunity to observe Reuven's oeuvre from an uncommon and unusual angle.